Cupcake Portfolio

Champagne Cake, Champagne Buttercream, Fondant Flowers

Blackberry Cake, Blackberry Buttercream, Nonpareils
Vanilla Cake, Raspberry Filling, Fondant Top

Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Buttercream, Chocolate Shavings

Double Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter Frosting, Cadbury Mini Eggs

Blue Velvet Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting, Confetti Quins
Red Velvet Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting

Lemon Cake, Lemon Buttercream, Candied Lemons
Red Velvet Cake, Two Tone Cream Cheese Frosting

Vanilla Cake swirled with Red Hots Candies, Vanilla Buttercream, Red Hots

Pink Lemonade Cake, Pink Lemonade Buttercream, Gummy Candy

Chocolate Cake, Peppermint Buttercream, Custom Toppers

Vanilla Cake, Vanilla Two Tone Buttercream, Custom Toppers

Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting, Sprinkles, Edible Glitter
Pink Velvet Cake, Pink and White Swirled Buttercream, Sanding Sugar

Vanilla Funfetti Cake, Mousse Filling, Chocolate Frosting, Nonpareils

Chocolate Cake, Peppermint Swirl Cream Cheese Frosting, Peppermint Pieces
Chocolate cupcakes with Green Buttercream, Custom Flower Toppers
Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mint Frosting
Champagne Cake and  Buttercream, Blood Orange filling, Candied Oranges

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