Friday, March 11, 2011

Rave Review: Florabella

Ok so this post doesn't have anything to do with food. Well I guess it sort of indirectly does. Here's the back story:  The past few posts that I've made have been about food from a brunch I hosted a week ago (Where I made some amazing Cupcakes, Quiche, and Berry Breakfast Buns). When I was getting everything ready and buying party supplies I decided that I wanted some pretty flowers to put on the table. I work as a concierge and I am always incredibly jealous of the beautiful flowers that get delivered from our preferred florist- Florabella. Seriously I've seen my fair share of flowers delivered to the hotel- and its not always pretty. Lots of times the arrangements are mediocre, tacky, or just plain blah. Not Florabella- their flowers are WOW every time. I decided to splurge and got an arrangement, and I was just so tickled pink by how beautiful they were that I wanted to share.

Story time: Once upon a time on a Saturday around noon I had a woman walk up to my desk and tell me that she was getting married that afternoon in a casual ceremony in the park next to our hotel. She explained that it was extremely low key, she wasn't even wearing a wedding dress, but she was wondering if there was anyone who could make her a last minute bridal bouquet. She didn't have much to spend and didn't seem that optimistic that we'd be able to get something since it was a last minute request. Florabella didn't even blink when I called them and had a beautiful bouquet delivered a few hours later. That's just the kind of florist that they are.

If you ever need flowers call Lisa & Sarah at Florabella- they are the best in San Diego. (They have their own blog too- if you want to check it out!)

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