Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I've never been good at eggs. My omelettes don't turn out light and fluffy, they are overcooked on the bottom, and undercooked on the top. I can't flip them. So whats the solution? Frittata! I had a ton of eggs that needed to be used up, and other odds and ends in the fridge that were on their last legs so I made an impromptu breakfast, that was supposed to be an omelette but ended a Frittata. 

Ok cooking terms lesson:
Omelettes- eggs quickly cooked in a frying pan and folded around ingredients
Frittata- whipped eggs (makes for fluffier lighter eggs) that are started in a pan and often finished in the oven under a broiler. Also ingredients are added to the pan before the egg so it all cooks together, in an omelette they are added after. 
So that's my problem. I've been making some awful combination of the two and that's why my omelettes were failing, because what I wanted all along was a frittata.

I sauteed some diced onion, red bell pepper, and spinach in the frying pan and poured on my eggs. Cooked until the sides were firm, and sprinkled on cheese, chicken sausage, salt and pepper. I then transferred to a baking sheet (because I don't have a cast iron pan, but this was just as easy) and finished in the oven under the broiler. 

I love that I got to use up ingredients that would have otherwise gone bad, and the breakfast was great! I love that the frittata was evenly cooked and didn't fall apart (which is what always happens when I've tried to make omelettes) I like my omelettes/frittatas the same way that I like my salads and sandwiches- with a ton of ingredients on them. I actually hadn't intended this as a blog post, but it came together so well that I decided to snap a few photos and write it up. (the previous nights appetizers that I had intended to write about did not turn out so nicely so this worked out as a substitute.) Also I was excited that I had learned to make good eggs!

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