Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last weekend Kevin and I drove up to Yosemite for 3 days and nights of camping and hiking. It was an amazing trip. I had worked 20 straight days in a row, and Kevin and I had survived the first month of living together, we both desperately needed (and deserved!) a long weekend away.

When we got to Yosemite we went to the store to load up on food for the weekend, we kept things simple, sandwiches for lunches while hiking, kabobs on the grill for dinner, and egg sandwiches for breakfasts. We had planned on cooking the eggs on a camp stove, but our friend who lent us the camp stove forgot the regulator that connects the stove to the propane. (Thanks though Liz we still love you!) So we ended up cooking everything in a frying pan over charcoal, a little more time consuming but it turned out great. We also wound up inventing a completely euphoric egg sandwich that was way too good not to share.  So here you have it- rapture- in the form of a breakfast sandwich:

Step 1: Fry up your bacon

Step 2: Use the bacon grease to fry an egg

Step 3: Assemble bacon and egg on an English muffin- top with last nights left over chili.

Step 4: Prepare yourself for overwhelming awesomeness, then eat.

and now pretty pictures of mountains:

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